Bring Back The Old Fashioned Homemade Halloween Costumes Parade

April 26th, 2013

There was a time, many years ago, that one of the events that kids looked forward to on Halloween was the homemade Halloween costumes parade or competition. Parents and kids would go all out, everyone competing to have the best ideas for Halloween costumes, in order to win prizes that were simple but made you proud to win. Usually divided into competitions between age groups, it was a great time for the whole family to enjoy together, without spending small fortune on costumes.

One of the more exciting aspects of this old fashioned competition was coming up with not only ideas for Halloween costumes, but being able to bring them to life later on. The point was to make the best homemade Halloween costume you could, out of what was available at home, or at the crafts store. Some of the best ideas incorporated clothing from either Mom or Dad, or older siblings, because they made for quick costuming that could be easily fixed if it didn’t work.

Both adults and kids would get into the competition, and everyone had to play by the same rules regarding no store bought costuming. One of the more creative ideas one year came from one man who took his old prom tuxedo, attached some reflectors to it, and created his own homemade Halloween costumes suitable for the Tin Man, or even robots. Another took the wheels off of his bike and used the frame to help create his ideas for Halloween costumes that included using a horse, like a knight or jockey. The only limit is your imagination and creativity in finding parts to use to bring it all to life.

Setting up the different competitions for this old fashioned contests is fairly simple. You can set them up according to age groups, to start. From there, you could break it down into genres, if you wanted, or themes. Offer special prizes for each competition, which could range from Halloween themed movies to huge bags of candy, if you wish. Be sure to offer prizes for the best ideas for Halloween costumes, as well as best overall homemade Halloween costumes for each age group, as well. You can also issue special prizes for examples of exceptional creativity, and special effects, coolster dirt bike parts, however you want to do it. Just remember the core rules: no store bought costuming, any or all parts must come from home or be handmade from other costuming, in order to be eligible.

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